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Community of Practice


Community of Practice Kenya Chapter (CoPKe) is a forum of sharing of knowledge and skills, exchange of information, mentorship and sharing of best practices in Social Protection. CoPKe creates interactive platforms to leverage content over a wider audience with the opportunity to generate new thinking, ideas and existing collaboration amongst players. The Kenyan Chapter is anchored to the Social Protection Community of Practice African Chapter.

The CoP Kenya Chapter, was launched in 2020 with the following specific objectives:

  • To improve management of knowledge, encourage learning and promote innovation within the SP sector; 
  • To strengthen existing linkages and diversify partnerships at both levels of government, and with actors across all the pillars of social protection; 
  • To  contribute to the growth of Social Protection policy instruments; and 
  • To improve the quality of social protection services through the promotion of standards and guidelines in the implementation of social protection programs.
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