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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enhanced Single Registry?

A socio economic database that integrates and stores information of the vulnerable households in Kenya. It allows social protection stakeholders to use this information to target vulnerable households for developmental interventions along the lifecycle as well as provide an effective shock responsive mechanism.

What is the objective of the Enhanced Single Registry?

  • To establish a database that contains data for existing and potential beneficiaries for social protection interventions.
  • To promote social protection policies & programmes that link individuals to different social protection interventions along the lifecycle.
  • To ensure timely response interventions that cover a greater proportion of the vulnerable households during shocks & emergencies.
  • To facilitate linkages to complimentary services for greater social and economic inclusion to vulnerable households.

Who is eligible for registration under the Enhanced Single Registry?

For one to be registered under the ESR one must be living within a household, a resident of a location, willing to be registered and able to provide identification documents.

Who are the client of Enhanced Single Registry?

Clients of ESR include the following: The NSNP comprising of OVC-CT, PWSD-CT, OP-CT/ 70 years & above and HSNP. Also the Government ministries, county governments, UN agencies, local and International NGOs and the private sector.

What determines the number of households to be registered?

The number of households to be registered is informed by the latest reports on poverty estimates at location levels provided by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

How do you identify an enumerator under the ESR data collection exercise?

The enumerator will be wearing ESR badge with clearly spelt out names & any other ESR branded materials.

How can a potential beneficiary communicate their grievances?

Any complaints and grievances about the ESR data collection exercise should be recorded at the sub county social development/ children office.